The New Albany Experience


New Albany is unlike any community that has come before.

It begins with the details. The hundreds of details that define New Albany, and set it apart.

Some of them are obvious. Like the 40 miles of white fencing, or the 15-mile network of leisure trails. Others are less so. The design of a sign or mailbox. The curve of a street. A marvelous chimney brick detail. Collectively, they make New Albany New Albany.

We ask that you not think of New Albany as a development. By today’s standards, a development is a huge tract of housing patched together at random. New Albany could not be farther from that reality.

We’ve set aside green spaces between neighborhoods. Parks for children. Wooded acres. Meadows perfect for a game of catch, or watching the sun set. One of the finest championship golf courses in the nation.

The area is also home to an active historical society. An arts council. A variety of churches and synagogues. It all adds up to a very special quality of life.

Our clubhouse is spectacular.

A Georgian manor filled with antique treasures from around the world. It is grand, yet warm and inviting. And when it’s time to play, you have a myriad of options. Like the 27-hole Jack Nicklaus championship golf course. It’s extraordinarily beautiful, with several holes having the open feel of the Scottish links, and others the lush look of the Carolinas.

The Club features a world-class tennis facility, including both grass and clay playing surfaces, along with a championship croquet course. There are two Olympic-sized swimming pools, as well as exercise and workout rooms that are comparable to the finest spas.

In New Albany, there is a great respect for family and community. It exists in every aspect of life here. In the understanding that this is unlike any other place you could choose to live. And in the pride you can take in calling New Albany home.



“#8 Best City to Live” – USA Today

New Albany has been recognized and received accolades from near and far as a great place to live, work and raise a family. Business Insider named New Albany America’s Best Suburb, USA Today ranked New Albany #8 in the country as a best city to live in and Ohio Magazine recognized New Albany as one of Ohio’s Best Hometowns. We’ve always believed that New Albany is a special place and it’s gratifying to see that others agree.

At the heart of what makes life in New Albany unique are the many organizations that contribute to life here.  A strong community foundation, vibrant arts and cultural groups, award-winning schools and community-wide health and wellness programming connects us to one another.

Our Neighborhoods

New Albany is a series of neighborhoods.

One has the feeling of a compact European village. Another, a collection of country estates. Each works in relationship to the land, each to each other. Each neighborhood has its own distinct qualities, yet they all share one thing. Georgian architecture.

It is the perfect rural statement, in succinct harmony with the land, and it was the obvious choice for New Albany. Homes with large windows that invite the outside in. Classic designs that elevate every home. A traditional style and grace that creates the feeling New Albany has been here always.

That sense of history and permanence can be found throughout New Albany’s neighborhoods. Around every corner. In the smallest of details. Look closely. You’ll see archways created with hand-molded brick. Clapboard siding. The subtle glow of a street lantern.

Even the names of the neighborhoods are steeped in history. Wiveliscombe, Tiverton, Clivdon Mews. Many were inspired by classic English villages or grand manor homes in Tidewater, Virginia.


Our Schools

New Albany’s educational goals are simple: to always provide the best education possible to all New Albany citizens.

A centralized learning campus anchors and inspires New Albany.  But the beauty of the campus and its facilities are rivaled by the exceptional programming offered to the district’s 4,800+ students.  As a top-performing school district, New Albany provides challenging academic offerings and a multitude of extra-curricular activities from the arts to sports to leadership activities and more.

To visit the New Albany-Plain Local School’s Website, click here.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is a shared focus in New Albany. With miles of walking trails, a state-of-the-art community health center, farmers markets, cycling and running clubs, active parks, special events and more, maintaining good health is a way of life in New Albany.









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