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The experience our team brings to this project is unmatched.

Our team has a track record of delivering what is yet to be imagined and creating an experience unlike any other. It takes unique talent and discipline to deliver an opportunity liek 282 Main Sreet. 


Steiner + Associates is a real estate developer and master-planner providing development, leasing, management, and advisory services.

The company’s demonstrated ability to apply big ideas in creative and innovative ways has played a defining role in the firm’s success. Yet, Steiner’s most important insight has been the core understanding that it is not sight lines or site plans, but human activity that defines a space and creates a place. Steiner recognizes that truly memorable and engaging built environments do more than just facilitate social, commercial and experiential activity, they actively promote and enhance it.

The Steiner approach is focused on much more than just the development of spaces and places, it ensures the creation of experiences that drive memorable moments and lasting memories. As a result, Steiner projects are destinations in the truest sense of the word: high performing places where people go–and stay–because they want to be there.

For a firm that consistently operates ahead of the industry curve and has delivered strong and sustainable retail and mixed-use developments across the country, it is remarkable to realize that Steiner’s deepest insights are not about places, but people. Steiner understands not only what people want, but also why they want it, and the firm is adept at creating environments to meet those needs. Because ultimately Steiner + Associates is not just creating buildings, but inspiring life…



MALETZ brings your unique lifestyle to every aspect of your home through our innovative design and construction approach.

We are a full-service, design through construction firm located in New Albany, Ohio.

MALETZ believes that your project should be as unique as you and your family. It’s the little things that make your home special, and it starts with us. We will take your ideas from design through construction, until the last detail is complete.



Yes, New Albany sells itself. But it’s still nice to talk to the experts.

No one knows the New Albany community better than New Albany Realty. We’ve been here from the very beginning. Which means our expert sales associates have extensive knowledge on all aspects of this remarkable community. If you’re considering New Albany, consider the leading New Albany listing and selling brokerage.

Our team of professional agents has the expertise to ensure your home buying or selling experience is a success. We work with you every step of the way and provide personalized, high quality service at all times.





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No one knows the New Albany community better than New Albany Realty. We’ve been here from the very beginning.